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How can I ensure that all guests gift via WEDIT Registry?2022-07-14T09:39:17+10:00

No matter what, there will always be the outliers who will gift according to their own preference. The best way to ensure as many guests as possible contribute to your WEDIT registry is to set up your registry well in advance of your wedding date and ensure all guests are made aware of your WEDIT registry. This is as simple as including your unique WEDIT link/QR Code with your event invitation and/or on your designated event website.

I feel awkward asking guests to use my WEDIT Registry. Can you help?2022-07-14T09:38:59+10:00

Don’t worry, we’ve thought of that too…

The beauty of WEDIT is that it operates in a similar manner as a conventional online gift registry (i.e. David Jones) from a guest user perspective, the only difference is that WEDIT hosts will receive the cash value of their desired guests to purchase at their discretion, rather than WEDIT handling the procurement of gifts. This has been designed to maximise the utility of WEDIT registry without the transactional and clunky aspects of a ‘wishing well’.

How do I make the most of WEDIT Registry?2022-07-14T09:38:39+10:00

There is no one-size-fits-all celebration, gift or spend. It’s worthwhile noting that tastes and spending capacity vary greatly from guest to guest. WEDIT recommends mixing up price points (i.e. balancing out higher priced gifts with accessibly priced gifts and vice versa) when choosing your gifts to ensure that guests of all budgets can easily & meaningfully contribute to your registry. To make WEDIT feel like your own, please take advantage of our customisation features. And, lastly ~ spread the word ~ sharing your unique WEDIT link/QR code with your guests & loved ones will maximise purchased gifts.

How do I share my gift registry with my guests?2022-07-14T09:38:24+10:00

Once you create your account you’ll be supplied with a unique link and QR code which you can share with your guests.

If you’re sending out printed/ digital invitations or a link to a custom event website, we highly recommend including the QR code or link to your WEDIT gift registry so that guests can easily access your registry without inundating you with texts, emails and calls in the lead-up to your special occasion.

Does WEDIT organise the sourcing and delivery of the gift(s) I purchased?2022-07-14T09:38:01+10:00

WEDIT transfers the value of your gift(s) to the host upon closure of the registry. WEDIT advises the hosts of the specific gift(s) you purchased including your personalised message and/or paper card (if purchased).

Can overseas guests use this service too?2022-07-14T09:37:40+10:00

Yes! Our platform is accessible to guests from all over the world, so friends and family overseas will also be able to seamlessly and securely contribute to your WEDIT registry at the same payment processing fee as domestic users.

Is WEDIT available in my country?2023-08-31T19:46:37+10:00

International guests are more than welcome to make their contributions via WEDIT. Their credit cards will work just the same as any other and will incur the same payment processing fee of 2.9% + $3.05 (per transaction) as domestic cards. The amount gifted will be represented in $A

I’ve lost my invite. How do I find the correct WEDIT registry without the link/QR code?2022-07-14T09:36:54+10:00

If you can’t access the link or QR Code, simply log onto www.wedit.com.au and click ‘Find A Registry’ on the homepage. Simply fill out the Host(s) Surname and Event Date forms to search.

How do I use WEDIT as a guest?2022-07-14T09:36:31+10:00

Once you receive a unique link or QR Code from the host(s), this will direct you to the corresponding WEDIT registry which will showcase their desired gifts.

Simply click which gift you would like to purchase, enter an (optional) personalised message via the website form and check-out.

NB: If you’re the sentimental type, feel free to purchase a paper gift card at check-out, this card will be printed with your personal message to the host(s) and posted on your behalf along with notification of your gift(s) once the registry closes post-event.

There’s been a change of plan and I would like to cancel my registry, what do I do?2022-07-14T09:36:07+10:00

If you’d like to cancel your account please email [email protected] and put your request (to cancel your WEDIT registry) in writing. You will have the choice as to whether you would like to refund all guests for gifts purchased to date or have the accrued funds transferred to yourself.

I can’t log in to my account?2022-07-14T09:35:47+10:00

Don’t panic. Just use the lost password link on the login page and we’ll send a password reset email to the address you used to register your account.

Am I obligated to spend the funds on the assigned gifts as indicated by my WEDIT registry?2022-07-14T09:35:20+10:00

Whilst we have designed WEDIT and our gift categories to give hosts total freedom and transparency to ask for exactly what they want, ultimately it is up to the discretion of the hosts to spend their funds how they choose.

How do I collect the contributions?2023-11-13T14:12:35+11:00

Your registry officially closes 14 days after your event date, your funds will then be transferred to your nominated bank account.

When can I access my funds?2023-11-13T14:13:28+11:00

Over the years we’ve learned that some people are less organised than others (no judgement here), and often gifts are purchased after the actual event date.

That’s why we allow a 14 day grace period for any last minute gifters to make their contribution, this extended window is designed to maximise the total gifts received.

Once the grace period ends, we will send you the total cash value contributed by guests, less our service fee of 3.5%.

I would like to choose one ‘big ticket’ item like an expensive artwork that I would like all guests to contribute to. How do I go about this?2022-08-15T13:24:15+10:00

If you would like guests to contribute to a ‘big ticket’ item (ie. an original artwork) please reference this in your ‘Greeting Message’ ~ see Registry Customisation in your dashboard. Please skip the ‘Choose Gifts’ step, gift icons are not required in this case. Guests can then contribute to your ‘big ticket’ item by using the ‘Guest Contribution’ function that appears across the guest view of all registries ~ this is a default setting that does not need to be actively selected by hosts.

Can I personalise my WEDIT Registry?2022-07-14T09:33:10+10:00

WEDIT registry enables hosts to publish a personal message to guests and upload a high-resolution image that best represents their celebration ~ these are displayed on the user view of the WEDIT Registry. Whether this image is of the hosts, the venue or something sentimental – this is yet another way to make WEDIT your own. Please note these personalisation features are optional, and not required should the host prefer a simpler approach.

WEDIT believes that the things that mean something to you are a kind of self-expression, the freedom to showcase a curation specific to your taste, interests and lifestyle is another way of personalising your special occasion.

Can I personalise my WEDIT URL (web address)?2022-07-14T09:32:38+10:00

Absolutely! WEDIT allows you to personalise your registry in a variety of ways including a custom web address.

For example, if your name is Eva and you’re marrying Michael, you might choose ‘EvaMarriesMichael.wedit.com.au’

Guests will use your personalised URL (web address) to directly and securely view your registry.

Is my WEDIT registry secure?2022-07-14T09:32:08+10:00

Absolutely! We take cyber security seriously and our platform has been designed to prioritise this.

Our security measures are:

  • We use reliable & secure hosting services based in Sydney, Australia .
  • We leverage Cloudflare to secure our entire platform.
  • STRIPE handles all payments on our platform to ensure safe, secure & encrypted payments.
  • STRIPE is regularly audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.
Can non-hosts see who purchased specific gifts?2022-07-14T09:31:12+10:00

No, that information is not displayed on the front-end of the website.

Only the corresponding WEDIT account holders (hosts) are able to view the breakdown of their own registry purchases. Hosts can view purchased gifts; they can do so by logging into their WEDIT account dashboard.

How do I find out who has purchased a gift?2022-07-14T09:30:51+10:00

You can see an itemised list of all registry purchases via the ‘Guest Purchases’ section when you log in to your account and via the dashboard.

The list will include the guest’s name, gift item and the A$ amount contributed. WEDIT will also send you an itemised breakdown of gifts by purchaser following the closure of the event.

Are guests charged a fee to make a contribution?2022-08-12T21:15:36+10:00

All transactions incur a payment processing fee of 2.9% + $3.05 per transaction.

Do you take a percentage of the funds as they’re collected?2023-05-22T21:43:07+10:00

Yes, we charge a one-off service fee of 3.5% of total funds collected. This fee is calculated based on 3.5% of the total cash value of gifts purchased by the designated transfer date (14 days after the corresponding event). WEDIT will transfer the total cash value of your gifts (less our service fee) to the nominated bank account provided by the host(s) upon registration.

Can I make changes to the items in my WEDIT registry?2023-11-13T14:13:59+11:00

Yes, you can make changes to WEDIT registry items at any time before the closure of the registry (14 days post event). Simply log into your account and navigate to your dashboard. You will find a button that says “Edit/View Gifts”. Simply click this button and edit the fields accordingly.

How much does this service cost?2023-05-22T21:43:59+10:00

WEDIT appreciates that milestone occasions mean so much and cost even more. That’s why our registry service is free to set up and there are no up-front charges. We do charge a one-off service fee of 3.5% of total funds collected on the behalf of the hosts, which is automatically deducted from the total cash value of gifts purchased upon closure of the registry (14 days post event).

Total funds collected (less WEDIT’s 3.5% service fee) will be transferred to the bank account nominated by the host(s) 14 days following the event.

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